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avenir font

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Avenir Font was developed in 1987 by Adrian Frutiger and it was launch in 1988 by Linotype GmbH. Frutiger described Avenir as his very best career. In french the word “Avenir” means “future.” The family takes inspiration, from the sans-serif typeface established in the 1920s, which used the circle as a base, such as Erbar and Futura.

Avenir Font is a modern typeface with a wide range of business applications. Its applications are not only for show purposes but also for a wide variety of texts. Avenir’s various variants cause it to be used for several media forms. 
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Avenir Font

A lot of graphic designers want to use this lovely font in their design projects. In their branding guidance, several New York universities used Avenir Font as the main font. So it is used to bring simplicity and elegance to a project. It’s simple and crisp typeface is one that brings a body of text an organized atmosphere.

The key highlights of the Avenir Font are the following:

  • Avenir font takes influence from the ‘Futura’ typeface because Adrian Frutiger decided to develop and bring a more realistic look to the Futura font.
  • Frutiger updated the ascenders to create Avenir font, reduced the horizontal strokes thinner than the vertical ones, and making the circular shapes more oval.
  • These refinements aim to improve the readability of the Avenir font.
  • The Avenir font has 12 weights which are almost the same as each other.
  • The use of similar weight features makes it suitable for several printing environments.
avenir font
avenir font free

Avenir Font Usage

  • Apple used this font for its Maps and Siri screens.
  • Key Bank has included Avenirfor ads and in-store signage.
  • Japan Airlines, Susquehanna International and Red Lion Hotels use Avenirfor corporate branding.
  • Hong Kong International Airports use Avenir Font for signage.
  • LG Electronics makes heavy use of Avenirin signage, advertisements, and devices such as keypads for mobile phones.

Download Avenir Font Free

This font is a more realistic representation of the geometrical shape. It is much more vibrant and suitable for expanded text, such as the univers font, with details reflecting conventional styles.

Avenir font family doesn’t just help you build new styles. Through using this font, you can easily change your designs which are already done. As we said this font comes with a lot of unique features that will help you build a beautiful template.

Many People are using this best sans serif font family it is perfect for your design projects also you can use this font in creative design projects

In his life account. Frutiger clarifies this was a reaction with the impacts of how individuals see shading. It likewise contains Avenir next text style however it tends to be downloaded independently from our site.

For your handiest private use, you can download the Avenir Font Free from here.

avenir font

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Format: OTF, TTF
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