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Paramount Font Family

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    Mon Jul 10 2023
Paramount Font Family

Paramount Font Family

Paramount Font is a geometric sans-serif font family of 12 fonts featuring the finest design inspired by the simple and clean design approach of the modern era. This new release by swiss type designer and ECAL educator Chi-Long Trieu aims to tell now what it is to come next: a seamless blend of the present and the yet-to-be but always with humanity at heart. This is the Paramount loophole, well-suited for a spaceship lost in the galaxy as mush as for a people-caring app. It is a link and a soul, a spirit of exploration and connection that serves as a beacon light in the conceptual vastness of the future.

Paramount and Paramount Neo are great for lengthy, spirited text. This geometric sans-serif font family comprises of two sets (each six roman styles with matching italics), enabling designers to shape messages with utmost clarity and impact. Paramount can show and announce it all. Used in stylish display applications, Paramount conveys audacity, uniqueness, and approachable difference. Paramount is replete with glyph alternates for both upper- and lowercases, enabling the exploration of how a typeface can be pushed into neo-futuristic aesthetics. From a distance, one could even discern hints of long-forgotten remains of hand lettering techniques. C, J and S are sharp on the terminals while E, F, G and R have slightly uneven shapes and contrasted countershapes, playing with the eye for a journey into the text like no other: a journey of permanence and resilience, of trust in the our future as a species.

Paramount is a statement for the relentless pursuit of innovation and creative expression. Its arrival heralds a new era, where typography shapes the trajectory of human communication. With Paramount, the future of design is at hand. Paramount embraces the possibilities and explores the unknown