Photocopy Glitch Poster Photoshop Action

Photocopy Glitch Poster Photoshop Action

Photocopy Glitch Poster Photoshop Action For Free Download

Unique design created by the action each time it’s playing, thanks to developed in-house original code, which generate procedural grid system.
Thus, each iteration is unique and produce a different and sophisticated layout.
Inspired by the fax machine and photocopy abstract effects, Letterpress action recreates grayscale collages mixed with graphic marks and fragments of text and lines.
Innovative and truly original, Photoshop action explores new layouts and styles with a clear contemporary sign.

Keep your Photoshop Preset Manager neat. Only one pattern image needs to be loaded! No extra brushes, gradients, shapes, etc.
The visual aesthetic was inspired by the fundamentals of traditional graphic design: balanced composition and grid-based proportions.

FEATURES:Different result every time!1800px and 3600px height image output

WHAT’S INCLUDED:1 .atn file (Action)1 .pat file (Pattern)1 Video tutorial (YouTube)1 Help file

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