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S&S National Currency Font Bundle

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    Mon Dec 30 2019
S&S National Currency Font Bundle

S&S National Currency Font Bundle For Free Download

This font was inspired by the lettering found on old stock certificate & lettering on U.S. currency. A massive collection of pretty much every geometric scrollwork patterns I’ve ever created, wrapped up in one neat package at a huge discount! Most of the symbols are already refined and have an securities, vintage, decorative feel perfect for your piece of art. And don’t forget the touch of Guilloche art which will make your masterpiece more authentic and add a really fascinating background effects to large print pieces, especially when additional coloring techniques like gradient and opacity are applied. National Currency is an homage to the inventiveness, passion, and care of creator who proudly create the art not just sell it out. There is integrity, dedication, thoroughness of detail and hard work done for the optimal results. This is a breath of fresh air after a cold winter. You can use in the most daring and interesting projects. S&S National Currency Font Bundle by Spencer & Sons Co. is designed and inspired by the lettering on the U.S currency the symbols of this font can mostly create a decorative vintage feel which makes this font perfectly ideal for the artwork that you are working on.

This kit includes:

  • S&S National Currency Regular
  • S&S National Currency Bold
  • S&S National Currency Bold Hatch
  • S&S National Currency Inset
  • S&S National Currency Shadow

Vector Set :

  • 16 Guilloche Design Elements
  • 12 Seamless Backround Patterns
  • 20 Baroque Floral Scroll Designs
  • Combined Baroque Designs
  • Decorative Frames & Borders Vol.1
  • Decorative Frames & Borders Vol.2
  • The Eagle Has Landed Vector Set Vol.1
  • The Eagle Has Landed Vector Set Vol.2

| Numerals & Punctuation | Supports 75+ Latin based languages |

This font is easy to use and will allow the designer plenty of exploratory features to create their own combinations. With the support of extra vector pack, it will certainly be more valuable with a very affordable price, This is one of the mandatory fonts that you must to collect for your graphic needs.

If you require an upgraded license please contact me. Upgraded licenses are required for web fonts, apps, ebooks, broadcast television, commercial exhibition, film, gaming, software embedding, customized print on demand products, etc