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Knucklehead Typeface font

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    Sat Sep 14 2019

 Knucklehead Typeface font

Knucklehead Typeface font for free download

Knucklehead is font family with a variety of weightst and different decorations.
Inspired by american western culture and tattoos, is perfect to use in vintage-themed designs. Knucklehead is suitable for any project that requires an old western feel as the core design elements; such as logo, wedding invitation, greeting card, poster, etc.
What You Get:
+Knucklehead Light +Knucklehead Regular +Knucklehead Bold +Knucklehead Black
+Knucklehead Serif Light +Knucklehead Serif Regular +Knucklehead Serif Bold +Knucklehead Serif Black
+Knucklehead Deco Light +Knucklehead Deco Regular +Knucklehead Deco Bold +Knucklehead Deco Black
Update 1
More glyphs added to the font
More weights added to the font